Zenia is a the first virtual yoga assistant. Practice at home, during work break, at yoga studio, or whenever you feel comfortable. Zenia uses movement recognition technology and with voice guides you through practice. We offer more than just asana sequences. Zenia adapts to the pace, monitors progress and gives personalized feedback based on your performance. 

How it works: 

The phone has to be positioned in a way so that the front camera can capture the entire body of the user. The app recognizes 16 joints and within seconds voice assistant gives feedback on the quality of yoga performance. 

Why you need Zenia: 

– Improve balance 

– Increase focus and concentration 

– Get stronger 

– Relieve stress 

– Improve flexibility 

– Get better sleep 

– Gain a sense of inner calm 

– Manage your weight 

Current version of Zenia features: 

4 courses for beginner and intermediate levels 

14 guided practices to build strength and improve flexibility 


Although the frontal camera is used to recognize movements, it doesn’t store data or record video format, all AI calculations are made on the phone.