Green Screen Chroma Key Editor

Want to create unique and amazing content? This app will help you!
Do not have green screen? It’s not a problem! The app has not only algorithms for green screen but algorithms based on AI and LiDAR. Don’t limit your creativity!
Want to show yourself on a beach, in travel or at the another incredible places? It’s never been so easy! The app has large library of backgrounds to do it. You even can load your own backgrounds!
Want to add some fun in your content? The app is happy to help! It has different types of effects for it. Not only ordinary things like stickers, photos, text, but particles and models. You can make rain of money, stars, hearts and so on. Particle system is fully customisable. Models give you ability add unique effects. Models have incredible refractions and physically based model of rendering.
Don’t want to make live video in front of the camera? You are welcome! The app works with photos too. You can do previously described things with photos. You can add animated effects over your photo and create video from this composition.