Vancouver Biennale

Experience Vancouver’s best public art, in both physical and immersive realities. Explore how community spaces can be constructed and utilized in digital and physical entities. Allow Vancouver’s public artwork to enhance your imagination and provide a catalyst for creative learning opportunities.


The Vancouver Biennale strives to evoke meaningful conversations through the exhibition of great art in community spaces. Explore manifestations of human creativity striving to appreciate and acknowledge Vancouver’s local community. Art exists as an avenue to a greater understanding of the world around us.


* Augmented Reality

Find AR-enabled art experiences and step into their immersive realities.

* Voxel Bridge

Watch the Cambie Street Bridge transform into an engaging blockchain world right before your eyes. Discover the incredible layers behind this 18,000 sqft placemaking installation by New York artist Jessica Angel.

* Explore Vancouver

Have you ever wanted to understand the stories behind the creative artwork you’ve seen all over Vancouver and the lower mainland? Learn the history behind these pieces as told directly by the artists.


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Connect the Vancouver Biennale to create a thriving society with meaningful expression and imagination through public art.

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