Nefitness – knee exercises

“Nefitness” is a free everyday application to warm up the knee joints.

Main characteristics:

  1. Restorative exercises for the knee joint. The release contains 24 exercises for the knee and one test for the elbow. All exercises can be performed at home and at work without special equipment.
  2. A set of exercises for 1 month. For regular exercises created a set of exercises. The complex has 4 levels of difficulty and is formed according to the test results for the level of pain in the knee.
  3. Video and voice accompaniment of exercises. Doing exercises can be without looking at the screen of the smartphone. The exercise is accompanied by synchronized videos and
    voice commands.
  4. Ability to control the exercise with the help of motion sensors of the smartphone. Optional. You can disable the validation mode in the Application Settings.

If you want to do the exercises with the control of correctness, then you will need to fix the smartphone on the ankle. You can do this with a bandage, high sock, or purchase an Armband case.