Ordered Apps

Eventi AR Italia

Experience featured Events and Art in Italy in Augmented Reality.

Experience featured Events and Art in Italy in Augmented Reality. Based on Spheroid Universe technology and platform, this apps provides Augmented Reality experiences, to see virtual objects into real spaces, to bring life to paintings and Art pieces, to bring digital interaction into events. Over time selected events will be featured and will provide enhanced AR experiences, developed in collaboration with the Spheroid Universe team and Italian community. To keep in touch and be informed about next events stay tuned on social medias and telegram channels of Spheroid Universe.

Vancouver Biennale

Experience Vancouver’s best public art, in both physical and immersive realities. Explore how community spaces can be constructed and utilized in digital and physical entities. Allow Vancouver’s public artwork to enhance your imagination and provide a catalyst for creative learning opportunities.


The Vancouver Biennale strives to evoke meaningful conversations through the exhibition of great art in community spaces. Explore manifestations of human creativity striving to appreciate and acknowledge Vancouver’s local community. Art exists as an avenue to a greater understanding of the world around us.


* Augmented Reality

Find AR-enabled art experiences and step into their immersive realities.

* Voxel Bridge

Watch the Cambie Street Bridge transform into an engaging blockchain world right before your eyes. Discover the incredible layers behind this 18,000 sqft placemaking installation by New York artist Jessica Angel.

* Explore Vancouver

Have you ever wanted to understand the stories behind the creative artwork you’ve seen all over Vancouver and the lower mainland? Learn the history behind these pieces as told directly by the artists.


• Capture your transformative artwork experience with video recording

• Share your captivating journey through artwork with your friends on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, iMessage and more


Connect the Vancouver Biennale to create a thriving society with meaningful expression and imagination through public art.

Visit our website: https://www.vancouverbiennale.com/

Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VancouverBiennale

Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/van_biennale/

Watch us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVancouverBienna

Nefitness – healthy back

Healthy Back is a free application with a set of 13 exercises for problem back and after uncomplicated spinal injuries.

We have prepared for you a special set of rehabilitation exercises developed by specialists from the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology (Roshal Clinic) for conducting classes at home.

The application will be useful for parents whose children are undergoing medical gymnastics courses at the final stages of physical rehabilitation.

The feature of the application is feedback on the performance of each repetition using the motion sensor of your smartphone.

Tell us about your experience with the application through the “Write to developer” option!

Main characteristics:

  1. Recovery exercises for the spine for independent exercise at home. All exercises are optimized for smartphone use, performed sequentially on the left and right leg or arm.
  2. A set of exercises for 100 days. The complex has an average level of complexity, the necessary exercise skills are formed in the first week of classes.
  3. Video and voice guidance of the exercise. You can exercise without looking at your smartphone screen. The exercises are accompanied by synchronous videos and voice commands.
  4. Be sure to try – Ability to monitor the exercise using the motion sensors of your smartphone. Optional. You can disable the correctness control mode in the Application Settings.

If you want to exercise under the control of a smartphone, then you will need to attach the smartphone to the ankle or wrist. You can do this with a bandage, a toe cap, or purchase an Armband-style case.


  1. Before conducting a set of classes, consult a specialist for advice.
  2. We do not recommend doing physical activity on your own in case of severe pain or swelling, or stop using it if such sensations arose during exercise.

The application was prepared with the support of the Children’s Doctor Roshal Foundation within the framework of the project “Digital physical rehabilitation of children and adolescents with problems of the musculoskeletal system.”

You can contact us at any time by email info@nefitness.ru.

We also have a group on Vkontakte vk.com/nefitnes
and Facebook www.facebook.com/nefitnesgroup.


SixWhy is a community of people who share their knowledge or opinions.

Answer questions from your followers and get likes, thanks, and donations.

Share your insights and make the world a better place.

My L’Etoile

My L’Etoile is a corporate mobile application for current and potential employees of the L’Etoile retail chain.

  • Always up-to-date vacancies with the ability to send a response by filling out a questionnaire.
  • Company news, documents, instructions, regulations. Simple and convenient search all over
    the content of the corporate portal.
  • Alerts employees by sending messages with photos and videos
  • View current planograms and display of goods on the shelves. Conducting an inventory of commercial equipment.
  • Effective communication with the client on the trading floor, prompt registration of a new client, the ability to collect a virtual basket of goods for quick payment at the checkout, check the balance of the gift certificate.
  • Passage of training courses, control of managers over the progress of professional development and the development of new information by employees.
  • Taking surveys and questionnaires for employees and clients.
  • Operational work with requests to the Service Desk.
  • Distribution of the sales plan for employees and planning work shifts by day.
  • Up-to-date detailed statistics to monitor the performance of personal indicators.
  • Instant internet-independent search across all sections of the application in one line – all results in one place.


Mobile application for dog owners who want a walk to bring maximum benefit and joy to their pet. On the map you can see where other users are walking with their dogs, find out the breed and age of animals. So you can easily choose a place and friends for a walk. You can also agree to walk animals together with other users using the private messaging system implemented in the application.

Install Gav Gav and make new friends for your pet and yourself!


Zenia is a the first virtual yoga assistant. Practice at home, during work break, at yoga studio, or whenever you feel comfortable. Zenia uses movement recognition technology and with voice guides you through practice. We offer more than just asana sequences. Zenia adapts to the pace, monitors progress and gives personalized feedback based on your performance. 

How it works: 

The phone has to be positioned in a way so that the front camera can capture the entire body of the user. The app recognizes 16 joints and within seconds voice assistant gives feedback on the quality of yoga performance. 

Why you need Zenia: 

– Improve balance 

– Increase focus and concentration 

– Get stronger 

– Relieve stress 

– Improve flexibility 

– Get better sleep 

– Gain a sense of inner calm 

– Manage your weight 

Current version of Zenia features: 

4 courses for beginner and intermediate levels 

14 guided practices to build strength and improve flexibility 


Although the frontal camera is used to recognize movements, it doesn’t store data or record video format, all AI calculations are made on the phone. 


Pozus provides a fast and fun advanced motion traking! Write on the rainbow and add any photos to the portal mask, but don’t forget to dance with a funny skeleton, control lightning on your body, and take the fire in your hands!

Want to know what it means? Download the app, enjoy and share your creations, we are sure you can surprise your friends or followers and make them laugh.

Nefitness – knee exercises

“Nefitness” is a free everyday application to warm up the knee joints.

Main characteristics:

  1. Restorative exercises for the knee joint. The release contains 24 exercises for the knee and one test for the elbow. All exercises can be performed at home and at work without special equipment.
  2. A set of exercises for 1 month. For regular exercises created a set of exercises. The complex has 4 levels of difficulty and is formed according to the test results for the level of pain in the knee.
  3. Video and voice accompaniment of exercises. Doing exercises can be without looking at the screen of the smartphone. The exercise is accompanied by synchronized videos and
    voice commands.
  4. Ability to control the exercise with the help of motion sensors of the smartphone. Optional. You can disable the validation mode in the Application Settings.

If you want to do the exercises with the control of correctness, then you will need to fix the smartphone on the ankle. You can do this with a bandage, high sock, or purchase an Armband case.


Partner is a cool gay dating app for real communication only.

Our superiority over other dating apps:
– No need for long talk with strangers online
– No accounts and registration through Facebook, other social network or gay dating app required
– All messages will be secured and deleted within 24 hours. 
– Completely anonymous texting.
– Guaranteed security. All your secrets stay secret!
With Partner you will meet new people nearby in those places which you visit, say, in your sport club, a restaurant closest to your house or a cocktail party. 


Yboo is an app for women who are interested in dating where you can choose men depending on their ideal on a beautiful date

If you like his ideas you can start chatting with him 
and then you have 24 hours before all the conversation is deleted

No one can see your profile before you click like in someone.
And if you decide that you can have a great time together you can meet.

We have strict policies about No means No, so if you didn’t feel comfortable on your date or you report someone we will ban him.


We change the game: meet, date hookup, flirt, share your fantasies and bring them to life – it is as easy as pie! 

We took the most difficult part upon ourselves: 
• picked up an audience of real people willing to date, 
• added a feature of geolocation search to the app,
• ensured absolute privacy of users,
• created a user-friendly system of dating only in case of mutual affinity,
• added a feature of easy choice of a partner by photo, and 
• found you to change your view of dating once and for all!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a newcomer to online dating or have already tried other apps, we have something to surprise you! It is a taboo-free zone: privacy makes you feel free and give way to your secret thoughts and desires…

Do you want a date? Just choose the place and time, and Secret will find a partner for you. A cherry on top of our application is a feature which allows the users to specify the way they want to spend their date, and finds a right partner for it.

• A huge audience of more than 3.5+ mln users worldwide
• Absolute privacy
• Only real users
• Private chat rooms
• No registration
• No needless questionnaires

Join us! Right now, while you have been reading this text, 2 mln users got acquainted and start communicating in our application.


The mySportSkill application is created for young novice athletes and amateurs, their parents and professional coaches in various sports. Using our application, you can show what you are capable of, compete with other users or find new friends by interests. Parents can save time traveling to sports schools and showcase their child’s sports talents online. Professional coaches mySportSkill will allow you to find new students. Join the sports community mySportSkill right now!


DocsBox – is a service made to create and to store photos, videos, audio and other files with the lack of a social element. It is created to store user data.

The principle of operation can be described as a rent of deposit box, which guarantees safety of your property and provides access to the cell only for you and no one else. You can create photos, videos, audio files or upload files already created in other platforms. You can also create notes. In addition, you can upload documents created by other platforms.